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Effortlessly wearable contemporary jewelry with a combination of  industrial, futuristic and classic designs born of  structural concepts.

Voyage Earrings 14K and Argentium.jpg

Rivet Collection

Architectural and Contemporary, this collection gently captures pearls and gems in unique hand-forged riveted settings.


Handmade Chain

One of a Kind Handmade Chain Bracelets and Necklaces

Argentium Silver

14K Gold Iris Studs with Tanzanite Aquam

Iris Collection

Geometric Flowers handcrafted in 14K Gold or Argentium Silver.  Capture the light in these classic minimal designs.


Halo Collection

Gemstones Suspended Mid-Air

14K Gold, 18K Gold, Argentium Silver


Geometric Hexagon Designs that play with negative and positive space.  

14K gold stacked hex studs.jpeg

Solid Silver and Gold Basics Minimal geometric designs for everyday wear and layering

Carved Ebony Circle Necklace with White Pearls and 14K Gold

Mixed Metals

Hand Carved Ebony Wood and Mixed Metals Jewelry

One of a Kind

Ready to Ship

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